have fun and get prizes

from $50 to $1000

for completing the album

instant withdrawals

Great refferal system

is not a pay to win game.

How does this work?

Get a monster

dont worry, the site gives you your first monster totally free with which you can star playing.

Reproduce a monster

Once you have your first monster, make it lay an egg, inside each egg there is a monster waiting to be discovered


Every time you get a monster you have the option to send it to the album to complete it, by completing the album you can claim a cash prize, the album can be completed several times.


Use the monsters that you do not send to the album to grow in the game, you can reproduce them, make eggs or you can put your monsters to fight and when you win you will steal a monster from your opponent

Complete your album and claim rewards

Once the entire album is complete, you con claim a ticket to spin the wheel that will give you a cash prize between 50 to 1000 USD

More features

Sell your eggs

In the game you can alo focus on making your monsters lay eggs and then redeem your eggs for cash prizes

Complete paid task

We also have o section of offerwalls where you can do tasks fo earn coins that wil help you grow fasterin the game, without the need to buy

Referral system

Invite your friends to play with you and earn different rewards for inviting them

Blog & social media

In these media we will be constantly publishing tips to win and earn more,new contests, updates and more follow us and stay toned!

Frequently asked questions

Monster-Eggs is a monster collection and production game where you can also win prizes. Have fun producing new monsters and fighting against other users to win new monsters, complete your album to win cash prizes from $50 to $1000 instantly. There are lots of fun and prizes for you and your friends in Monster-Eggs
There are 3 main ways to get new monsters, the first is through the eggs that your monsters lay, in the incubator you can break those eggs and that way a new monster is born. The second way is winning fights, when you win a fight you will steal one of your opponent's monsters but be careful because if you lose the fight your opponent will keep one of your monsters. The third way to get monsters is to buy them in the exclusive item shop, there you can use your diamonds to buy random monsters
You can make your monster lay eggs, the more monsters you have the more eggs you can have every day, you can also earn eggs with rewarding activities like the affiliate system.
To fill your album you must send your monsters from your cave, for example, if you have the A5 monster in your cave and you still don't have that card in your album, you can go to your cave to look for that monster click on the option to send to album, remember that this action is not reversible and you will not be able to use that monster again in fights or in the cave because it will have become a card in your album.
When you complete your entire album you can exchange it for a roulette ticket, in roulette you can win from a minimum of 50 dollars and a maximum of 1000 dollars

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